Heres My Story…

Hi There!

Before I got into Real Estate, I thought there was no other way for me to continue to help people while still working and making money! I was a Esthetician and Nail Technician for 9 years before I went to get my license. I loved helping people and making their lives better. I loved my clients and wanted another way to fulfill this passion that I had! One Day my boyfriend said.. you should become a realtor! (I laughed and said… “what? a realtor?) then I thought a little on it and did a lot of research and decided it was PERFECT for me!  and Now im doing exactly what I wanted to….help people!

This career with North Shore Homes in Sheboygan has given me the opportunity to do just that, as a trained professional I will help in anyway that I can whether its buying your first home, to helping you sell your home that has been passed down through the generations! I am a very laid back person who will make this transaction as easy on you as I can possibly make it! I am always available for any questions, concerns or problems that may arise, and will walk you through the process step by step!  In most peoples lives there is something that makes them want to Buy or sell, for some it is a happy time, and for some, it may not be an easy transition! No matter what your reason, I will be there as the Realtor working for YOU, and a friend to help you along the way! I take pride in having integrity and being honest in every transaction!

I started this Blog to Share with you My Personal Journey of life, some things I love, and Many Real Estate related things to guide you through. I am a lover of….Yoga, Minimalism, being outside and hiking with our rescue dog Carl! Volunteering with our Local animal shelter, Obviously my loving, and supportive boyfriend Ryan, and making sure that everyone takes sometime for themselves along the way!

When Life Moves You… Im here to help!

Thanks for reading,

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Sarah Stemper- Realtor North Shore Homes Inc.