10 Hard facts for Real Estate Home Selling

Selling your home can be challenging, it depends on many factors leading to and after your offer to purchase has been accepted! Honesty between you and your realtor is the best policy when it comes to getting the best price for your home and here are some things to remember while selling!


1. A Clean uncluttered home sells- Cleanliness is the first thing a buyer will notice when they walk into the home, and clean also says that you care about your home. Getting rid of unused things in your home and de cluttering countertops and tables are all a huge thing as well! Simplicity is best! It also gives the buyer a better look at your home without things in the way.

2. Know your Neighborhood Real Estate Market- If you do not know, make sure your realtor does! A Realtor can give you a Market Analysis- a recommendation on what your home will sell for in today’s market. Trust their knowledge!

3. A home that is priced right sells- Price your home to sell. The first day your home goes on the market you will attract the most qualified and most interested Buyers. The first few weeks of a new home listing shines brightest.  A fresh new listing draws the attention of Buyers waiting for a new home to hit the market and those Buyers who just started looking will see your home priced right, and will break down your front door to take a closer look.  A listing that stagnates on the market for weeks and months on end becomes stale and often stigmatized as to why has the home hasn’t sold.  They’ll either assume something is wrong with the home or that it’s priced too high. If Buyers think that something is wrong, they’ll want a discount and if it’s been on the market due to being priced too high, they’ll think you’re beginning to get desperate because your home hasn’t sold and that you’d likely start to consider taking a discount. Avoid the discounts, price it right- right away, and increase your chances of getting the most money for your home!

4. Selling a home is a nuisance- Anticipate that selling your home will be an inconvenience, makes it a lot easier to handle! Yes, you will have showings and other people walking through your home! Cleaning up for showings also needs to be done, empty garbages, vacuum, and tidy up for those interested buyers! Your daily life will be interrupted by prospective buyers, but knowing that, makes it a lot less painful!

5. Photos sell homes- Make sure your realtor will provide you with great photos that will get people into your home! In today’s market over 90% of home buyers start their search online. If your photos are of poor quality or do not depict your home well, those well qualified buyers will look over your home and go see the next!


6. Hiding Home defects will haunt you- Honesty is always the best policy! Disclosing everything wrong with your home is always the way to go! The last thing you want is a call from an attorney saying that the buyers who just purchased your home are suing you for a large defect that you tried to cover up! Speak the truth!

7. Buyers will grill Sellers- When there is a showing on your home it is important for you to leave! You being there gives the buyer the best reason to ask you every question in the book, and it is important that you do not disclose anything you may not want them to know or give them a reason to offer you less money! The buyer also wants to picture themselves living in your home, they can’t do that with you breathing down their necks! Go out to lunch for your own benefit!

8. Cash is not always King – Cash does not always rule the roost but does hold a lot of leeway. When financing Buyers have to compete with Cash Buyers, they can make their offer look very appealing in a number of ways that can beat out the Cash Buyer. First, by making sure their offer is accurate and complete. Next, they’ll want to make sure their Pre Approval letter indicates their strong ability to secure the mortgage to buy your home. You’d also be surprised how many Buyers and their stories of how they’d live in the Seller’s home can pull out a Seller’s heart strings, particularly if the Seller holds a lot of favorable memories from the home.

9. Repairs left undone will cost you more money than the repair itself – Repairs that you’ve been meaning to do will be a lot less expensive to complete if you do them BEFORE you sell your home.  Once the needed repair is evident to a Buyer, they’re going to question how much this costs? is it worth it? and some people are not handy people. They will also wonder what else is in need of repair and they’ll wonder did you really maintain the home properly.  They’ll wonder what may be lurking beneath the surface, hidden and not visual to the naked eye.  They may get a bit frightened in the unknown and will want a little bit more of a price reduction.


10. Closing day is moving day- Closing day is the day buyers will take possession of your home! This day you must have all belongings packed up and moved out and home in broom swept condition! Moving occurs before this, and you will not have time to do the last-minute things you wanted to do after closing!

Finally Experience sells – Hiring a skilled, trusted, Real Estate professional gets homes sold in the shortest amount of time for the most amount of money. Your home is one of your greatest treasures, treat it like one and you will get your highest return on your investment.