Benefits of A Home Inspection to both Buyers and Sellers!

Having a Professional Home inspection benefits both buyers and sellers in today’s market! I’m starting on this topic because it’s not always an easy one, some people don’t want to spend the money on it but, being a realtor I always recommend a home inspection. It gives both buyers and sellers piece of mind when it comes to getting their forever home, or selling their home faster and for more money!


A Home inspection is one of the most important decisions you will make with your home. The Inspection will take approximately 2 hours and go over the home from head to toe! A Home inspector will focus on, is this home safe?, are there any signs of potential failure in mechanical’s of the home?, should some small things be repaired to prevent large expenses in the future? Some things included in the home inspection are Roof, Gutters, windows, siding, decks, patios, outside grounds of home including landscaping, downspouts, chimneys, flashings, air conditioner, heating systems, plumbing systems, electrical, floors, walls, ceilings, basement and attic, just to name a few! The inspector will make sure they are all working correctly and in good shape. They can also test for radon in your home. Radon is a colorless, tasteless gas that comes up from the ground soil and is known to be cancer causing. It will come in through cracks in the foundation of your home, and every home varies, you may have high levels in your home, but your neighbor may have low levels. Keeping in mind that Wisconsin in general is known to have higher levels.


For the home buyer, a home inspection will provide you with a solid knowledge of your new home and understanding its components and maintenance. You will also know if your home has any potential safety or health risks to your family. Your trusted home inspector will also let you know if something in your home is dated, and will let you know to budget for that to be replaced in the future, or if something needs to be done immediately before you buy the home.

For Someone selling their home an inspection can help you sell your home faster, by giving you a competitive marketing tool over other homes on the market. Having a home inspection done prior to listing can give you an advantage and provides your potential buyers with full disclosure of your home. The buyer gains peace of mind as well as not having to pay for the inspection themselves is also a plus! It may also give you the opportunity to fix any repairs needed in the home before you put it on the market to help you sell your home at the highest price possible! You can also test for radon prior to selling, to show those buyers as well, your home is not potentially cancer causing.


A professional home inspection involves a comprehensive check of over 300 items regarding your home. It will protect you from hazards as well as possibly saving you a lot of money in the long run, by finding something that needs fixing. Without it you may spend more money on repairs, compared to the home. A Home inspection protects what matters most, you and your family! Everyone involved in the buying or selling process gains a little satisfaction as well!