3 Best Tips to Sell any Home Fast

I have a lot of sellers tell me…. I want it gone now! Well the best way to go about it is to not take any shortcuts and do it right the first time! Heres some of my “Get it Sold” Tips  to help you put you best foot forward and get a quick sale!

#1 – De Clutter and Clean… This is not just a tip! This is by far the number 1 thing any seller can do to appeal to any buyer! Deep clean the entire house, all nooks and crannies, inside cupboards, drawers, closets and under couches…. literally everything! Buyers will open up everything in your home, make sure that what they see in drawers is not dust, dirt and a poorly kept home. Any buyer will be turned off by a dirty home and it also leads them to believe that you didn’t care for the home all around! Sparkling clean sells! De cluttering! Get rid of the knickknacks and anything taking up space! Most any person can get rid or box up 40% of their belongings that aren’t needed. A minimalistic home helps the buyer look at the home and Picture themselves in it… not all your stuff, so get rid of the doll collection, extra family photos, extra kitchen applicances you aren’t using, and clean out those closets and junk drawers!

kitchen and dining area
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#2 – Take Great Photos- Ive seen this time and time again, poorly taken photos by real estate agents and or owners!  Photos with piles of laundry,  with poorly lit rooms, panoramic photos that don’t do your home justice! When I see these I literally cringe! The agent and owner are doing themselves a total disservice! I have seen beautiful homes sit on the market for ages because no one wants to see them, the photos look terrible! Make sure your rooms are bright- curtains open, all lights on, cleaned up, and depict your home in a great aspect! I am not a photographer, I am a real estate agent.. my motto is… Always hire a professional!

brown wooden center table
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#3 – Price your home right- This is also very important, know the market for your home and what your home should be priced at! If you don’t know, hire a real estate professional to help you. A well priced home in this market will not last long! Properties overpriced will sit on the market, and sit on the market and the longer they sit, the more people wonder… what’s wrong with that house? Why hasn’t it sold yet? It creates a stigma about the property, if no one else wants to buy the house…. why would you? If you price it right…. you can celebrate the sale and cash in sooner than later!


These are the 3 most important things to do when selling your home! I do not take these things lightly. Theres also a lot to be said for not skimping… if you do it right and hire the right people to help get your home sold, you will not have any issues! Selling a home is not for the faint at heart! Trust me, it is a lot of work but having the right professionals behind you can make the world of difference and take the stress off of you!

Thanks for reading… As always, I’m here to help!

Sarah 🙂

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