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I was talking with an old friend today about some issues going on with her home, when I had sort of a revelation. Well not a revelation, but more of a thought. Ive been hearing a lot of I’m sorry, Sorry to Bother you, sorry to waste your time, or don’t put too much time into it… from my customers, clients, friends, etc. I want to make it quite clear to everyone… there are no apologies for anything to be asked of me! You are never bothering me, wasting my time, or making me feel like I NEED to do something for you! I am ALWAYS happy to do anything for ANYONE!

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I’ve had sellers say to me “oh my gosh, thats not your job”.. well it is… I love my job, it’s my passion and If I can’t make YOUR life easier by doing something, then why am I even doing it!

I’ve had buyers say…. “I’m so sorry to bother you with all these questions”… If I can’t answer your questions, then what good am I? or “I feel like you’re my therapist”… guess what? I am also a bartender… so I basically am a therapist… and I love it!

Ive had friends say “don’t put too much time into it”… I LOVE helping people and I will put as much time into it as I feel fit!

Ive had Clients say “I’m so sorry to waste your time” because they didn’t like the house we went to see! NOT a problem, at very least I got to go see another home, that will only make me better at what I do! And help you find the ONE! My time is never wasted, unless wasted by me personally! Which happens!

Lets say you had a friend who was a Mechanic and your car broke down on the side of the road, if he can’t be your first phone call then theres a problem! Same goes for me! Im happy to help in anyway that I can, I tell people all the time, call me if you need ANYTHING EVER! I truly mean that! Any question, concern, stress, or to watch your dog- because we all know I’ll do that, without a question!

So Finally just so we are all on the same page…..I love helping a friend with their questions, I love showing people homes- even if they don’t like them, I love helping people through their stresses of buying or selling. I love answering questions, I love giving advice, I love helping people move, and I love being able to meet an HVAC guy for you when you can’t. I have given my advice to people who want to sell For Sale By Owner…I literally do not discriminate! I CANNOT express it enough.. I love Real Estate and I love what I do! I want to be your greatest resource, therapist, friend, dream home matchmaker, and make things as easy on you as I can. Im always here for anything big or small! Yes it is my job and what I get paid to do…. but thats not why I do it! We are all in this crazy world together so Please call me if you EVER need ANYTHING!

920-627-1086 🙂

As always thanks for reading…

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Sarah 🙂

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